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Our Chosen Charity

We at Elephant promotions love to do our bit for the community.  So much so we were told about this wonderful charity led by a guy named Matt.  Basically this guy started a charity for children with life limiting illnesses.  So we took a look at what he did and how he raised the money.  Well frankly we were so impressed by Matt and all the good work done by him.  We made Matts Mission our chosen charity.


At all of our events we have the collection bucket out for Matts Mission.  We also have a stall put aside at Penkridge market selling donated items just for Matts Mission.  Not content with that we also have 10 lots at the auction that have no commission that are sold on behalf of the charity.  We also for the first time last year ran a fun dog show and market just for the charity.  Something we are going to repeat once again in 2019.   

Matts Mission is a local charity that benefits the children directly all money raised goes to the children.  If you would like to read more about the charity please do so by going to the link in the pull down menu.  You can also find them on Face book at 


matts mission wall art.jpg
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